Fume Cupboards

Visu Kaluste has a decade-long experience in the manufacture of fume cupboards. The design of the fume cupboard collection is based on experience gained from industrial, hospital, school and research laboratory environments.

Fume cupboards are well-equipped to suit individual customer needs. Please pick the fume cupboard properties you require through the links below, displaying a fume cupboard brochure and selection table. The final outfit and special fume cupboard options must be gone through, together with an expert working for Visu Kaluste.

An electrical height adjustment is also available for the fume cupboards, which brings ergonomics to work.

VISU® fume cupboards are designed for professional use. Their quality materials and components enable you to use them reliably for a long time.

Our Fume Cupboards brochures:

Lataa esite kuvakeVISU® Glass Hood

Lataa esite kuvakeVISU® Tabletop

Lataa esite kuvakeVISU® Pro

Lataa esite kuvakeVISU® ProFlex

Lataa esite kuvakeVISU® ProPrecision

Lataa esite kuvakeVISU® fume cupboards selection table

Please feel free to contact us, we’ll help you to find the right model!